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Connect Without the Cables

WiFi technology now allows you to access the internet or your corporate network without the need for cabling. This opens up a host of opportunities for businesses.

WiFi networks can improve your office environment too, simplifying everyday processes and helping staff work more efficiently. With WiFi, you can connect to the internet from anywhere in your office – perfect for hotdesking, meetings and presentations. Other devices such as printers can also be shared using WiFi – allowing your staff to send documents from their PC or laptop to any printer.

We provide enterprise level WiFi access points using Cisco technology which is 100% cloud managed for faster deployment and simplified administration, any improvements or updates can instantly be rolled out across all of your office sites. You can put single restrictions, group restrictions and traffic shaping in place where necessary to support your company policies – giving different members of staff different levels of access.

You can create multiple WiFi networks without additional equipment, ideal for assigning different policies for guests, visitors and staff alike.

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