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Protect Your Business Against Telephone Hacking

Whilst most businesses have protected their computer systems against hacking, many have neglected to protect themselves against telephone hacking. Telephone hacking or toll call fraud is a serious crime and one that’s on the increase. In fact, in 2012 phone hacking was estimated to have affected 40% of UK businesses at a cost of over £1.2 billion.

In its simplest form, criminals can hack into your telephone system and re-route calls using your lines or make calls to premium rate numbers. Businesses usually aren’t aware that they’ve been hacked until they receive their phone bill and the damage can run into hundreds or thousands of pounds.

DTX can provide your business with protection against telephone hacking. Rather than putting blocks in place that restrict your systems we use software that flags up suspicious calls so we can quickly spot when you are being targeted.

Insurance Against Hacking

To give you complete peace of mind, we offer insurance against hacking. This means that if the worst happens and your systems are hacked we will cover any costs over £500 – potentially saving you thousands if you are targeted.

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